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Unusual Art with Plastic Silverware!

by Susan

Our recycled craft theme this week is plastic silverware.  So be sure to keep an eye on Totally Green Crafts this week to find out some of the amazing things that you can make with plastic spoons, knives and forks.  Creative folks don’t let a little plastic slow them down.  And frankly, you just might be surprised at how beautiful a plastic fork can become!

To kick off the week, I thought I’d show you a couple amazing pieces of art made out of plastic silverware!

The dead fish above?  Well, look a little closer.  Made entirely of plastic knives and forks, this amazing piece of art takes recycling to a whole new level.  This awesome fish skeleton was created by Columbian artist Carlos Bonil.  Not sure where I’d put it, but it would definitely be a conversation piece, wouldn’t it?

Makes me a little hungry for a tuna sandwich…

Designer, Daisuke Hiraiwa, from Japan, specializes in creating amazing art from found objects.  These beautiful lamps are made of clear plastic spoons, punctured with tiny holes to allow the light to filter through.  A beautiful piece of art. Daisuke creates some amazing things with plastic, be sure to check out her website for much more.

So go grab your plastic ware left over from that last party and be sure to stay with us this week to see what things you can make from it!  Johnnie and I have compiled some great projects for you to try out.  Not big bony fish, (even though it would definitely be interesting hanging in the living room), but some great crafty ideas that you just may want to try out.

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