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Video DIY: Upcyle Wine Bottles

by Johnnie

How to Cut Wine Bottles & Stain with #decoartglasspaint video tutorial at

Empty wine bottles have become a new obsession for me.  I can’t pass one without pausing to consider how it could be upcycled – much like wood pallets.  Cutting wine bottles is surprisingly simple, as you will see in the video, and requires just a few basic supplies.  There are many things you can do with them once they are cut.  Make drinking glasses, candle holders, lanterns, vases.  Minimal cost and simplicity make this project ideal for gift giving and home decor.  Best of all – you will be saving this versatile material from the landfills while beautifying mantels everywhere!

This featured bottle was painted with Deco Art Glass Paint, which I will be telling you a lot more about later in the week.  For this yellow stained vase, I used the gloss enamel.  Apply with a soft brush or cosmetic sponge for a gorgeous crystal glass finish.  If you are like me and think more is better, you will need to adopt a new point of view when working with this paint.  Many thin layers, allowing complete drying between is a way better method than heavy layering.  The paint needs time to grab the slick glass surface, so if you apply to thick, you get strokes and just pull the paint around the surface.  Try not to go over areas you have already stroked when the paint is still wet!

Deco Art Glass Paint Wine Bottle Craft #decoartglasspaint at

How to Cut Wine Bottles VIDEO TUTORIAL:


 Thanks to the reader who commented with the great question, I was reminded to let you know to sand rim after break with medium grit paper.  If you have a sander attachement for your drill, that works too…

Thank you for the question.

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