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A look at Paper Reed Frames

by Susan

Paper Reed Frame #paper crafts #recycle

Paper reed frames have gone rampant on the internet this summer.  Created with either magazines or newspapers, or both, these unique frames are fun to create and make a definite statement.  The frame above was created by Kristi at I’ll Get You My Pretties.  I love the angle of the photo and the unique use of magazine paper reeds.

magazine reed frame #recycle #paper crafts

 Ren at Recycle Girl created this frame as part of her 365 Project.  Ren says, “My goal is to complete a new project everyday for 365 days. I want to become aware of how much I throw away, and to shift my perception of my trash. I want to see it as a resource, an art material, rather than just as something to just get rid of”.  Be sure to check out her website to see if she succeeded!

NewspaperReedFrame/Saved by Love #paper crafts #recycle

Johnnie at Saved by Love Creations got into the act creating a frame made of rolled newspapers.  Johnnie specializes in this particular craft, creating much awesomeness out of recycled paper.  Be sure to check out some of the things she currently has going on.

And of course, I had to get in on the action.  My craft group got together and created many versions of the traditional paper frame.  You can see the tutorial on Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

paper reed wreath #recycled crafts #paper crafts

And finally, from the  The Rag & Bone Blog, we have this amazing wreath created out of paper reeds sewn onto a metal wreath frame.  I love this look!  Very unique and eyecatching.  And totally green!

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