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Make a basket with newspapers!

by Susan

Basket made of Newspapers #recycle #newspaper #paper crafts

Our recycled craft theme this week is newspapers.  This is a crafty supply that I think all of us have at least a few of laying around the house.  We don’t personally subscribe to a newspaper as I get most of my news from the internet, but that doesn’t stop the local papers from leaving at least one at the end of my driveway every week.   My husband gripes about this fact every week as he maneuvers the car back and forth at the end of the driveway so that he can lean out and pick it up (rather than actually get out of the car).

After chuckling about my husband’s dilemma, I decided that I might as well make good use out of those unwanted papers.  So, this week we are looking at what could be done with them.  And you will be totally surprised at the inventiveness of some folks!

Jessica from How About Orange created the wonderful newspaper basket above.  A relatively simple project that results in a great looking storage basket!  Check out her tutorial and create your own baskets!  I’m thinking that maybe the comics page just might make some cute baskets for a child’s bedroom.  The possibilities are endless.

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