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Totally Green Contest Top Ten!

by Susan

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Johnnie and I both sat down separately this weekend and rated all the amazing entries that we received over the past two weeks, using the following criteria:

1.  Originality (Have we seen it before?)
2.  Attention to Details
3.  Awesomeness (Do we want to drop everything and make one right now?)

For each criteria, we rated the project from 1 to 10, 1 being not that awesome to 10 being totally amazing.  Scores were totalled on each side (Johnnie is in Indiana, and I am currently on the beach in Alabama).  We then combined our scores in order to come up with the top ten.

So here they are in no particular order!

1. Mosaic Wall Decor- created by Tammi Schroeder.  The base of this wall décor was created with circles cut from thick (shipping) cardboard and painting with cream acrylic paint. Using interior side of cereal boxes, she applied blue and green shades of pearlescent acrylic paint.  After the paint dried, she cut the cereal box cardboard into strips and then into varying lengths which she then applied to the circles using tacky glue.  The  sticks were from an old arrangement, painted silver, and adhered to the circles with Gorilla Glue, which foams and holds everything together.  A couple of wire loops provide ample attachment for hanging this very lightweight piece.

2.  Halloween Haunted House- Lynne F.-  This started out life as a biscotti box. When I saw your contest I decided to remake the box into my 13 days of Halloween haunted house for a friend :). All the gifts, the mini albums, framed “haunted mirror” and ATC, craft supplies share and minis of things she loves are built into the house and adorn the outside. One gift for each of the 13 days of All Hallows. To reclose the box I thought it might be fun to lace it like a mideval corset. 

3.  Music Sheet Monogram by Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage-  You can find a link to her tutorial here.

4. Perpetual Calendar by Lynden Blossom.  Made using an empty Tissue Box and a Pizza Box .  Featured on Lynden’s site at An Elegant Touch.

5. Rocket Powered Jet Pack by Natalie Shaw-  Natalie used a cardboard box as the backing of a Rocket Powered Jet Pack for her son. (As well as upcycling other various things). The tutorial can be found at Doodlecraft.

6. Burlap Bins by Courtney Carmean – Tutorial can be found on her website, A diamond in the Stuff.

7. Dollhouse by Jen Lange. Jen woke up with a vision of a dollhouse and made this one out of cardboard just for this contest! 

8.  Holiday House Place Cards by Carolyn @ Homework.  The house is made out of an old box. The roof is the corrugated cardboard part of the box. You can find the tutorial at Carolyn’s site, Homework.

9.  Mail Art Postcard by Deb Terry- This is a MailArt postcard made out of a cereal box material. The princess started life as the Starbucks emblem and she painted over it. The corrugated looking part of the roof is a piece of that little cardboard ring they give you to put around your coffee cup to protect you from the heat. On the backside, she had some leftover CD labels and used watercolor on them. You can find the tutorial at Learning to Just Breathe.

10. Macaroni and Cheese Costume by Jenni Heath. This is a costume was created for her daughter Laura about six years ago. It was made completely from things she had around the house. A link to the costume tutorial is here 

Now it is your turn!  Please take a moment to vote for your favorite!  Voting will be open until 8:00 PM on Sunday, Oct 7. At that time, we will narrow it down to the top three.  Help us decide who wins the awesome Prize Package!  Check the right hand column for your voting poll!

Edited: Some people are having difficulty with the poll.  It may be an issue with browsers.  If you cannot vote, please add your vote to the comments below and we will be sure to add it to the numbers.  The poll on the right hand side of the page has been set up to take only one vote per computer, so if you have already voted, it will not allow another vote.  Thanks!!

 And Johnnie and I want to thank all the folks who entered this first round of the Totally Green Contest!  Your entries were all wonderful.  We really had a hard time narrowing it down to the top ten!  Below are the entries that didn’t quite make it into the top ten:

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