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Make a Patriotic Jewelry from Buttons

by Johnnie

Make a Button Bracelet and earrings #jewelrymaking @savedbyloves TGC Before starting a blog, I never did a single holiday themed craft.  True story.  Well, I am sure I did pilgrim hats from construction paper and that kind of thing in elementary school, but nothing as an adult.  Certainly didn’t see it becoming an obsession, but here we are.  Today I am sharing with you two patriotic upcycled jewelry projects from Saved By Love Creations.  Fourth of July is a favorite because of summertime nostalgia, and what better time of year to accessorize with all the BBQs, pool parties and hangouts?

Make a Button Bracelet #jewelrymaking @savedbyloves

This red, white and blue button bracelet is adorable, easy as can be, cheap and what more can I say.  Find out how to make yours:  DIY Patriotic Upcycled Button Bracelet.  Any buttons will work, so create a style you love!

Make Patriotic earrings from buttons #upcycedjewery @totgreencrafts

Learn to make these vintage americana style earrings using plaster buttons (I don’t know what those are, but I found a big bucket of them at a flea market for way cheap).

What are your favorite jewelry upcycles?  Do you accessorize to match the holidays?

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