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Totally Green Crafts is a place to find ideas and inspiration for crafts & DIY projects using recycled materials.  This website is the compilation of ideas and finds from Johnnie Lanier of Saved by Love Creations, and Amy Bowerman of Plucking Daisies.

We are all about taking care of our planet while making it look rad.  Dig into some amazing upcycle crafts and DIY projects.  You will be raiding the recycling before you know it.


I am the crafter, graphic designer and DIY blogger behind the scenes at Saved By Love Creations and Printable Decor.  When I started blogging at Saved By Love Creations,   I never imagined I would be a creative entrepreneur, or that I would be so in love with recycled paper crafts, polymer clay, and all things DIY.  I definitely  had no idea that I would be come so obsessed with trash and curbside finds.  Nothing is more gratifying to me creatively,  than eye catching pieces made from what would otherwise end up in a landfill.  So,  if you see me bent over the top of a dumpster, legs flailing as I try to reach my treasure, that is why.



My name is Amy Bowerman.  I live in Connecticut.  I have been creating since I could hold a crayon and telling everyone to color on both sides so it stays pointy!  I see life as a blank rainbow just waiting to be colored in.  When I was a kid my school teacher’s gave me grief about taking too long on craft projects…”what do you mean I can’t use every color in the crayon box?”  I feel so blessed now that I am grown and am able to create something every day.  I see art in everything and strive to be able to make something out of anything.  Life is inspiring…color it in!