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Johnnie and I both sat down separately this weekend and rated all the amazing entries that we received over the past two weeks, using the following criteria: 1.  Originality (Have we seen it before?) 2.  Attention to Details 3.  Awesomeness (Do we want to drop everything and make one right now?) For each criteria, we […]

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Paper Reed Frame #paper crafts #recycle

Paper reed frames have gone rampant on the internet this summer.  Created with either magazines or newspapers, or both, these unique frames are fun to create and make a definite statement.  The frame above was created by Kristi at I’ll Get You My Pretties.  I love the angle of the photo and the unique use […]

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Chrysanthemum-Clock-from-Plastic-Spoons #recycle #tutorial #diy

The Chrysanthemum spoon idea has gone rampant over the past several months on Pinterest and there are so many versions of it now, along with tutorials, that you have plenty to choose from if you would like to make one.  This pretty yellow Chrysanthemum Clock was made by Cheryl at That’s What Che Said.  Cheryl’s […]

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