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About Us - Totally Green Crafts

About Us

Janis Castle

Chief Editor

The “Green New World” we live in now extends to our jobs, homes and hobbies and that is why international crafts expert Janis Castle proudly presents

Castle, a master craftsperson, has dedicated herself to a worldwide search for better, cleaner and more ecologically sound methods of fashioning traditional craft projects.

A strong proponent of the Free Trade crafts movement dedicated to bringing the work of dedicated artisans from around the world greater exposure, Janis sees our smaller world as one full of both challenges and opportunities to learn from and share ideas with crafters around the globe,

As a single mother of two, Janis Castle believes that green crafting with children is a fun way to introduce important lessons about environmental concerns at a young age. offers crafters with environmental sensitivities the ability to quickly access many products and resources designed to provide endless hours of crafting enjoyment while also providing the craftspeople on Enjoy the content found within this unique resource with the peace of mind of knowing that you will be mothering nature while creating timeless crafts of beauty and delight.