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Best Epoxy Resin for Jewelry

If you are a keen crafts enthusiast you are likely to have stumbled upon epoxy resin at some point, however, if this is something that you are unfamiliar with it is worth experimenting with when creating your future jewelry pieces.

Resin of this kind is often sought after for jewelry and accessories because of its crystal clear finish that will not only leave you with beautiful jewelry but also pieces that are tough for enhanced durability.

You may find yourself a little uncertain in regards to the best epoxy resin available on the market and the products that are best for making jewelry.

However, you needn't worry as we have selected our top five picks of the best epoxy resins available ensuring that each is suitable for creating jewelry.

If you would like some additional guidance before making your purchase you are likely to benefit from our buyer's guide below. 

Here we have highlighted all of our top tips for choosing the best epoxy resin. 

If you are in a hurry and don't have the time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below.

Top 5 Best Epoxy Resin for Jewelry


The DR CRAFTY Epoxy Resin Kit comes equipped with everything that you require to begin creating your jewelry pieces.

Alongside the resin itself, you will also receive 2 measuring cups and 5 wooden sticks which will come in useful for mixing both of the formulas together.

Impressively, this resin is easy to use so you can begin creating your jewelry pieces in a matter of minutes.

Simply mix one part resin with one part hardener and then you have a 45 minute time frame to create your pieces as the mix is in its best state for the best results. 

We would recommend you get to work as soon as possible after mixing the resin.

Many formulations of epoxy resin are prone to yellowing and discoloring after exposure to UV light.

However, this epoxy resin is resistant to yellowing so this needn't be a concern. Despite having a strong formulation, this resin is non-toxic, self-leveling, and water-resistant.


  • This epoxy resin has an impressive curing time taking 24 hours to achieve a hard finish and 2-3 days for a full cure.
  • It has a strong and tough formula so it isn't going to become easily damaged.
  • This resin achieves a crystal clear finish which makes it ideal for creating beautiful jewelry pieces.
  • It doesn't have a strong smell so it isn't going to be unpleasant to work with.
  • It has a decent working time of 45 minutes which allows you to achieve great results.


  • Unfortunately, this resin struggles to cure fully.


This clear epoxy resin by ArtResin is another strong contender. Similarly to our previous pick, it has a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener, and courtesy of the clear finish you can create clear and shiny jewelry. 

The formulation of this resin is safe and non-toxic so long as it is used correctly. It is free of BPA and fumes and is non-flammable. This provides assurance that it shouldn’t cause irritations so long as it is used correctly.

This resin also has a high gloss appearance and is self-leveling so you don't have to worry about unwanted bumps distracting from the results of your masterpiece.

Aside from making jewelry, it is suitable for a range of other creative uses too, so you can let your imagination run wild in what you can make. 


  • This product comes with clearly written instructions which makes it easy to use.
  • Unlike many other standard resins, this one isn't going to leave your jewelry appearing yellow or discolored.
  • Impressively, this resin doesn't contain any fumes and isn't going to be strong in scent.
  • This resin is going to leave your jewelry pieces appearing smooth and shiny.
  • It is made in the USA so you can be confident in where your purchase has been sourced from.


  • Unfortunately, this product is prone to bubbling which could affect the results of your product. 


The Puduo Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Kit is here to cater to all of your epoxy jewelry needs.

As well as the resin and hardener, you will also receive 4 cups for all of your measuring requirements, 3 wooden sticks to stir the formulas together and a pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands safe in the process of doing so. 

Impressively, this resin claims to be crystal clear, and once dried it is deemed to be as hard as rock which is particularly impressive when compared to other variations of epoxy resin available on the market.

This assures you that your creations aren't going to become easily damaged should they accidentally have a close encounter with the floor or any other hard surfaces. 

With a one to one mix ratio and a curing time of 8 hours, this product works best when used within a 40 minute time frame, thus allowing you to achieve the best results in your jewelry pieces.

Additionally, the formula is also self-leveling, self degassing, and odor free so you needn't be concerned about the presence of unpleasant scents. 


  • Following UV exposure, this resin is resistant to yellowing so it is going to maintain its quality for longer.
  • The formula has undergone testing to ensure that it is a great match for glow in the dark crafts and other pigments too.
  • As this epoxy resin comes as a kit you are provided with all of the equipment that you need to begin making your jewelry pieces.
  • This resin is deemed to be as hard as rock so it is going to be resistant to damage.
  • This resin is praised for creating crafts of great quality.


  • On occasions, this resin struggles to harden and is sometimes prone to remaining semi soft. 


Available in 2 decent sized 32 ounce bottles this clear epoxy resin is a strong contender in catering to all of your creative needs.

With a 1;1 ratio of resin and hardener it has a flexible working time of 40 minutes. This gives you a decent time to work with the product to create your final jewelry creations. 

The epoxy resin has a crystal clear finish and once cured it is considered to be hard as a rock. For this reason, you can be sure that it is going to resist damage particularly well.

Impressively, this product is also resistant to yellowing which can often be a leading cause of resin coated products deteriorating in quality easily. 

This epoxy resin produces a minimal amount of odor that users are unlikely to find off-putting. Additionally, it is also self-leveling and self degassing. 


  • This epoxy resin has been proudly made in the USA so you can be confident in the source of your purchase.
  • Both bottles are generously sized for long-lasting use.
  • Impressively, this resin is easy to use making it an ideal choice for beginners in particular.
  • The bubbles can be popped easily by using a heat gun or other heated products.
  • This resin is resistant to yellow making it a great quality long-lasting product.


  • Unfortunately, this product is a little tacky, and even when given considerable time to cure it often remains a little soft. 


As a high gloss with a crystal clear coat, the Craft Epoxy Resin Kit combines quality with great appearance after each use. Once cured, you can be sure that this resin is going to add an attractive finish to your jewelry pieces. 

Impressively, this resin adheres to an easy-to-use formulation making it an ideal choice for beginners in particular.

Just like our previous picks, this resin has a 1:1 mixing formulation ratio of the solution and hardener. Once your formula has been mixed, you are then good to begin. It's also self-leveling which eliminates the effort required on your behalf. 

You can be sure of the safety of the formula, not only is it UV resistant which helps to prevent discoloring, but it is also non-toxic and free of solvents and odors.

Additionally, it is also non-flammable and doesn't pose a risk of hazards. 


  • This is an ideal starter kit for those who are new to using this kind of product.
  • Aside from the hardener and solution itself you are provided with gloves and mixing sticks for ease of use.
  • This epoxy resin comes in a decent sized 34 ounce container which makes it great for creating multiple projects and delivering long-lasting use.
  • Impressively, this resin isn't prone to bubbling which can be a common issue with products of this kind.
  • The formulas don’t have a smell so they aren’t going to be off-putting or overwhelming.


  • Unfortunately, this product is prone to leaving streaks which can ruin the finished look of the pieces.

Best Epoxy Resin for Jewelry Buyer's Guide 

Choosing the right epoxy resin for creating jewelry can seem a little challenging particularly for those who are unfamiliar with using this kind of product.

Below, we have identified our top tips for selecting the best product and features to look out for.

The market offers many variations of epoxy resins, each different in quantity, quality, and price and so there are many different types to choose from. 

The Ease of Use

Many people may likely be beginners in using this type of product and for this reason, ideally, it should be easy to use. This includes mixing the formula and also creating your different pieces. 

Most brands come with a formulation ratio of the formula and the hardener which clearly indicates the amount that is required from each bottle to create the perfect products. 

The Size of the Container

Most brands offer their epoxy resin products in different quantities. The size of the bottle that you select is going to be largely dependent on the amount of the product that you require.

Some will come in significantly larger quantities than others. Those that are larger are likely to be more expensively priced however they are going to last you for a decent amount of time and can be used for multiple projects. 


You will find that many epoxy resin brands claim for their products to be as hard as a rock once cured.

This provides reassurance that your jewelry isn't going to become easily damaged should it unexpectedly come into contact with the ground below etc. 


Unfortunately, products made using epoxy resin are prone to becoming discolored after exposure to UV light.

Investing your time into creating your pieces only for them to become discolored or yellow can be very disappointing and can often affect the overall quality of your craft.

Thankfully, this needn't be a concern with our picks as they are deemed to be resistant to yellowing even when exposed to UV light. 

The Curing Time

The curing time refers to the amount of time taken for the resin to toughen.

Of course, your resin needs to be cured properly otherwise it is going to remain soft with a tacky feel. Epoxy resin with a short working time often means that you have a shorter curing time.

The curing time can differ between the brands of resin often taking around 24 hours for a hard finish and a couple of days longer for a fully cured finish. 

The Working Time

Your resin will have a working time in which you can continue to work with it before it begins to solidify.

At which time it will then become increasingly difficult to handle and morph into your desired shape etc. Essentially when exposed to room temperature, the resin will remain in a liquid state for a certain time, after this time it will begin to thicken.

The working time for most resins tends to be around 40-45 minutes which is a generous amount of time that allows you to achieve the desired results.

Self Leveling

Epoxy resins tend to be self leveling and this is pretty self explanatory. This essentially means that the resin spreads smoothly across a surface and then levels evenly without any bubbles or disruptions to create your finished project.

Most products are marketed as self-leveling however if your resin doesn't appear to be self-leveling when it is being poured onto the surface it may be an issue that you aren't using enough product.

The Formulation

Most formulations of epoxy resins are deemed to be non-toxic and free of solvents and odors. Those that are pure and non-toxic are considered to be easier to use and are less likely to cause any sort of harm to you as the user throughout the process.

For those that have skin conditions that are triggered following contact with specific agents and formulations, it is necessary to pay close attention to the contents of the formula of your epoxy resin to ensure that it is safe.

The Contents of the Kit

Many of our epoxy resins recommendations come as part of a kit while others are solely sold as the bottle of resin and the hardener. Those that come as an addition to a kit typically come with measuring cups that allow you to pour out equal quantities of the hardener and the epoxy resin.

They also typically include wooden sticks that allow you to mix both solutions together with ease. Some will also come with a pair of gloves that protect your fingers from direct contact with the solution which can lead to the development of irritations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between casting resins and epoxy resins?

The differences in both types of resins can be identified by how they are used.

Epoxy resins are used for coating while casting resins are used for creating things such as molds and figurines.

Why is epoxy resin so expensive?

Epoxy resin tends to be expensive because of its strength and formulation requirements when compared to standard resins.

You can get more variations of epoxy resins and this also applies to the formulations. The market even offers some that are moisture resistant which allows for them to be applied underwater. 

Is epoxy resin safe to use?

Generally, epoxy resin tends to be safe to use. You will find many non-toxic formulations. If epoxy resin should make contact with the skin, some may find this a little irritating and it can occasionally trigger allergic reactions or eczema.

Pay close attention to the contents of the epoxy resin so that you are aware of any ingredients that may cause skin irritations etc. 

Why does epoxy turn yellow?

Once your epoxy resin has begun to cure following exposure to UV light it will begin to change in color.

Following this, you are likely to notice that the resin has turned to an unappealing yellow color. There are many formulations that have been created to avoid this issue. 

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