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Best Jewelry Kilns

So, you’ve been thinking about making your own jewelry. 

Jewelry-making is a fun and rewarding craft that allows you to channel your creativity into making beautiful, unique accessories from high-quality materials. 

If you want to create precious metal jewelry to a professional standard, though, you’re going to need a couple of things before you get started. First and foremost, you’ll need a jewelry kiln. 

A jewelry kiln is essentially a furnace that can be used for a variety of purposes. Using a kiln, you can melt down or fuse metals and glass, or set stones into your jewelry. A kiln can also be used to make clay beads. 

Jewelry kilns can seem like daunting or expensive purchases, but don’t be put off - we’ve made a list of the best jewelry kilns on the market to help you out. We’ve also put together a buyers guide and FAQ section to simplify the decision-making process. 

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick:

Cast Master Deluxe Propane Furnace Kiln Kit 

  • Suitable for professionals and hobbyists 
  • Works with a variety of metals
  • Reaches 2700℉ 
  • Durable stainless steel construction 
  • Kaowool insulation
  • Graphite crucible, iron tongs, and cast iron ingot mold included 
  • Also includes air intake pipe, fire brick, gas regulator hose, and instructions 
  • Propane sold separately

Top 5 Best Jewelry Kilns


For a professional-grade, high-performing jewelry kiln, consider Cast Master’s Deluxe Propane Furnace Kiln Kit. 

This kiln is suitable for both home and commercial use and can melt down a variety of metals, including aluminum, copper, silver, and gold. 

The 80,000 BTU burner runs on propane and quickly reaches temperatures of up to 2700℉  for efficient firing. 

The heavy-duty stainless steel construction makes this a highly durable appliance. The thick layer of Kaowool insulation on both the body and no-hinge lid helps to maintain high temperatures and prevent energy-loss. 

This kiln includes a sizeable 5 kg graphite crucible, heavyweight iron tongs, and a cast iron ingot mold to cater to all your metal-melting needs. 

You’ll also receive a burner air intake pipe, firebrick, and CSA certified gas regulator, along with an illustrated, easy-to-follow instruction manual.  All you need to do is purchase the propane separately and you’ll be ready to go! 


  • Appropriate for hobby and commercial use
  • 80,000 BTU burner
  • Reaches up to 2700℉
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Kaowool insulation
  • Melts a variety of metals
  • Includes graphite crucible, iron tongs, and cast iron ingot mold
  • Burner air intake pipe, firebrick, CSA certified gas regulator hose, and instruction manual included 


  • Propane much be purchased separately
  • Reports of quality and durability issues with hose 


Another product from Cast Master, this 3 kg melting furnace/kiln kit is a slightly less heavy-duty and more affordable alternative to Cast Master’s Deluxe furnace model. 

Like the Deluxe model, this kiln will melt a range of metals, from aluminum to gold. No matter what kind of metal you plan on using to make your jewelry, this kiln has you covered. 

This is an electric kiln that operates at 1800 Watts and 110/120 Volts. Reaching impressive temperatures of 2000℉, you can be sure that this is an efficient and powerful piece of equipment that will get the job done. 

The digital control system of this kiln makes for an intuitive, user-friendly experience, so even if you’re completely new to the world of jewelry-making, this model should be easy to use.

Included with this kiln are all the accessories you’ll need to get started, including a graphite crucible and a pair of tongs. This kiln also comes with detailed instructions to help you master this machine in no time. 

The furnace and accessories are all made of durable materials to ensure longevity. 


  • 3 kg capacity
  • High temperatures of 2000℉
  • Operates at 1800 Watts
  • Durable construction
  • Melts a variety of metals
  • Intuitive digital controls
  • Includes graphite crucible and tongs
  • Instructions included 


  • Not suitable for bigger firing or melting jobs
  • Should not be used commercially (or for longer than 2 hours at a time)


The RapidFire Programmable Tabletop Kiln from the Tabletop Furnace Company is a serious competitor in the field of jewelry kilns. 

This is a versatile, multipurpose kiln that is suitable for use by both professionals and hobbyists. It can be used for a variety of jewelry-making purposes and materials, including metals, glass, clay, and ceramics. 

The electric heating system, which operates at 1500 Watts, reaches temperatures of up to 2,200℉ in as little as 8 to 10 minutes, so it will perform all manner of tasks to an efficient standard. 

Not only is this kiln powerful - it’s also extremely practical in terms of its design. Weighing just 12 lbs with a carry handle for portability, the kiln is easy to transport and maneuver if needed. 

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this kiln is its programmability. The kiln uses a PID digital controller with 30 settings and a lighted cooling fan, so you can tailor the process to the temperature, time, and task requirements you need.

Meanwhile, the LED digital display helps you to monitor the process.


  • Versatile, multipurpose use
  • Reaches temperatures of 2,200℉
  • Heats up in 8 to 10 minutes
  • 30 programmable settings
  • Digital LED display 


  • Some users find the programming too complicated 


Next up, FASTTOBUY’s 6 kg Melting Furnace/Kiln Kit is ideal for jewelry makers who work primarily with metals. It is suitable for both commercial and personal use. 

This kiln has a 6 kg capacity and is suitable for melting down metals with a melting point below 2372℉ since this is its maximum temperature. It can melt suitable metals in as little as 15 minutes. 

Although primarily advertised as a propane kiln, this piece of equipment is highly versatile and can run on most fuels, including liquefied and natural gases. It uses no electricity and is highly energy-efficient. 

This is a very durable kiln due to its steel construction and refractory cement floor. It is also thoroughly insulated by 2 inches of ceramic wool and a layer of fireproof mud to maintain consistent temperatures and prevent external overheating.

Included with the purchase of this kiln are all the tools you need for safe and efficient jewelry-making. These tools include a graphite crucible, graphite ingot mold, trachea, burner, and tongs. 

The tongs in particular are a significant selling point for this product due to their durable and ergonomic design. They are made of steel, finished with a powder coating for extra durability, and feature 3 grooves on each side for better grip.

However, it is important to note that the pressure gauge and control valve needed to operate this kiln are not included, so must be purchased separately. 

Also included is a helpful instruction guide to help you get to grips with your new kiln. 


  • Reaches temperatures of 2372℉
  • Suitable for commercial and personal use
  • Works with most fuels
  • Melts metals in just 15 minutes
  • Durable steel and cement construction
  • Ceramic wool and fireproof mud insulation
  • Graphite crucible, graphite ingot mold, trachea, burner, and tongs included
  • Included instruction manual 


  • Pressure gauge and control valve not included 


TOAUTO’s Upgraded Gold Melting Furnace Kiln Kit reaches high temperatures of 2000℉ and will melt down metals such as sterling silver, gold, copper, and aluminum in 30-45 minutes. 

Designed to meet the needs of professionals and jewelry-making hobbyists alike, this kiln can be used in the workplace or from home. 

This electric kiln has been designed and constructed for maximum ease-of-use. The base is wide-set for a lower and more stable center of gravity. Additionally, the handles on the sides of the base make the machine easy to handle and maneuver. 

A heat insulation net has also been installed around the kiln itself. This net not only helps to trap heat inside the kiln, but consequently also makes handling easier by preventing direct contact with the furnace wall. 

The user-friendly design of this kiln is contributed to by its incorporation of PID Technology, which runs every 20 milliseconds to monitor and, if necessary, automatically correct the temperature of the kiln. The control panel is simplistic and intuitive with just 4 buttons and a digital LED display. 

You can be sure that this kiln will be a long-lasting investment thanks to its highly durable construction. TOAUTO has used quartz for the top of the furnace due to its heat-resistant properties and resistance to different acidity levels.

Along with the machine itself, the purchase of this kiln includes a 1 kg and 3 kg graphite crucible, a coin graphite ingot mold, a pair of forceps, high-temperature gloves, the required power cord, and an instruction manual. 


  • High temperature of 2000℉
  • Suitable for workshop and home use
  • Melts gold, sterling silver, copper, and aluminum
  • Electrically powered, no propane required
  • User-friendly design
  • PID technology
  • Durable construction
  • 2 graphite crucibles, graphite ingot mold, forceps, gloves, power cord and instructions
  • included


  • Relatively long melting times compared to other kilns

Best Jewelry Kilns Buying Guide

There’s a lot of information to take in when weighing up different jewelry kilns, so we’ve created this buyers guide to help you make all the necessary considerations. 


Because a kiln will be exposed to extremely high temperatures, one of the most important things to prioritize in a jewelry kiln is the durability of its construction. 

In order to assess durability, the main thing to consider is the construction material. 

Steel is the most commonly used material for exterior kiln construction because it is highly durable and heat-resistant. 

In addition to steel, many jewelry kiln manufacturers will incorporate other materials into the construction to add to the product’s overall durability. 

For example, cement flooring or a quartz insert in the top of the kiln are good features to look out for since these are highly durable materials which are also resistant to factors such as extreme heat. 

Propane or Electric

Jewelry kilns can either be powered by propane or electricity, as exemplified by the range of products on our list. 

Your personal preference and needs will ultimately dictate which type of kiln appeals to you, but it’s important to consider the objective advantages and disadvantages of each. 

A propane kiln has the advantage of not using any electricity, making this type of kiln more energy-efficient. 

However, some areas may require a permit for propane furnaces, so you will need to check whether this applies to your home or work area before purchase. 

Additionally, propane is not typically included in the purchase of a kiln, so the gas will need to be purchased separately, whereas electric kilns usually come with the power cords needed for use. 

Many users also find electric kilns more convenient to use than propane kilns because they require less preparation in terms of set-up.


The temperature range of the kiln is another important factor to consider. Depending on what you’ll be using your kiln for, you may require a specific temperature range. 

All of the kilns on our list fire at maximum temperatures of over 2000℉, which should be more than enough for most jewelry projects. The highest temperature reached by any of the kilns on our list is 2700℉

However, if you work primarily with materials that don’t require an especially high temperature, such as clay, you may wish to opt for a kiln that operates at the lower end of this temperature range. This is because clay can actually be damaged by excessive heat. 


Wherever high temperatures are involved in the use of an appliance, insulation is crucial. 

Insulation not only helps to make a kiln more energy-efficient and consistent by keeping heat from escaping -  it also helps to prevent the exterior of the kiln from overheating, which is important for safety reasons. 

Kiln insulation can take many forms. Different types of wool are a popular form of kiln insulation -  specifically, Kaowool or ceramic wool. Fireproof mud may also be used, separately or in conjunction with wool fiber insulation. 

As an additional measure, manufacturers may choose to install an insulating net around the body of the kiln itself. This will not only help to keep heat inside the kiln, but will minimize the risk of burns from contact with the wall of the kiln.

Ultimately, the more insulation is included in the design of your kiln, the more efficient it will be, and the safer the kiln is likely to be in terms of handling. 

Settings and Controls

The settings and controls of a kiln play a significant role both in ensuring the accuracy and quality of your smelting or firing work and in enhancing your user experience. 

Ideally, you’ll want to look for intuitive controls and easy-to-read displays. Additionally, if you want a more automated experience, it may be worth prioritizing PID technology. 

PID technology will help to make your kiln programmable and take some of the guesswork out of temperature control by monitoring and adjusting the temperature inside the kiln automatically. 

The more minimalistic the control panel, the easier it will be to use, and the more stress-free your jewelry-making experience will be. 

Moreover, a digital LED display will help you to monitor the firing or smelting process easily and efficiently. 


Finally, it’s worth considering the accessories that will be included in the purchase of your kiln. 

Whilst the kiln itself will be your primary point of focus, without the inclusion of other accessories, you won’t be able to start using your kiln right away without making lots of separate purchases. 

All of the kilns on our list include at least one crucible, an ingot mold, and forceps or tongs. These are the key accessories you will need when working with metals at high temperatures. 

Gloves are also a good accessory to look out for, as these will make the process of working with extreme temperatures significantly safer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are jewelry kilns safe to use?

The word ‘kiln’ or ‘furnace’ can sound scary because of its association with fire and extremely high temperatures, so you might be wondering how safe a kiln is to use. 

The good news is that a jewelry kiln, all things considered, is probably not much more dangerous than your oven or stove when used properly and with the appropriate safety measures in place. 

There are a few simple safety precautions you can take to make sure that you’re using your jewelry kiln safely and responsibly. 

First of all, ventilation is key. All home jewelry furnaces should either be used outside or in conjunction with an efficient ventilation system to ensure that potentially toxic fumes don’t build up in an enclosed space. 

Always check the product guide or user manual for instructions on where to use your kiln and how best to ventilate it. 

If you have been using your kiln indoors and notice any of the signs of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide exposure (eg. headaches, drowsiness, lowering heart rate, and raised blood pressure) turn off all appliances, vacate the area immediately and contact emergency services without delay.

Secondly, it is crucial to wear personal protective equipment when using your jewelry kiln. This equipment includes gloves and protective eyewear such as goggles or glasses.

Finally, it is highly advisable to have your kiln installed by a professional.

Of course, as with all high-temperature appliances, a jewelry kiln should never be approached by children without extremely careful adult supervision.

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