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Best Jewelry Making Kits For Adults

If you are anything like us, then you love having a personalized touch to all of your clothes, accessories and jewelry. We love feeling unique and different when it comes to fashion.

What is even better is customizing your wardrobe yourself. It is a fun and quirky way to make your accessories stand out, whilst also being cost efficient and saves you buying new things!

Jewelry making kits are a great way of designing your own accessories and tailoring them personally to you. You can also make jewelry for your friends and family, or sell them on an e-commerce site for a little extra income.

Jewelry making kits make it super easy to design, make and alter your jewelry yourself with all the tools, supplies and beads available at the snap of your fingers. These kits come with all of the tools of the trade to get you started.

Whether it be for fun, for individuality or to get started in a successful fashion business, there is a jewelry making kit for you. 

With the fashion industry not slowing down any time soon, there are many various jewelry making kits available today from silver and gold, friendship bracelet making kits to earring making kits.

The possibilities are endless. You can make charm necklaces, chokers, silver chains and gold designs for your clients or yourself, with a jewelry making kit that is just right for you. 

If you are ready to stop wasting time and start making jewelry, then we have a list of the best jewelry making kits for adults waiting for you.

With so many different kinds of jewelry making kits on the market, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. We have gathered the best kits to save you time and picked our winner. The best jewelry making kit for adults is the Ahmagen Jewelry Making Kit. 

This is the perfect kit to get you started with making your own jewelry. With all of the fastenings, wire, beads, chains and tools to make your own accessoires, this kit can help you make all kinds of jewelry with ease. 

The Ahmagen jewelry making kit comes with many different styled beads and charms that can be made into quirky necklaces, bracelets or anklets with speed and ease. With supplies like pliers, tweezers, clasps and threaders included, you cannot go far wrong with this kit. 

What is even better about this kit is that it comes with its own 4 tier accessory organizer to keep all of your findings and fastenings in one neat and portable place.

For the best kit to get you started with jewelry making, try the Ahmagen Jewelry Making Kit.


If you want a jewelry kit that will make all kinds of jewelry imaginable, then the Ahmagen Jewelry Making kit is the perfect fit for you.

This all in one kit contains 16 pcs of jewelry making tools, 28pcs of charms and wire, 1362 beads and 656 jewelry making findings. 

This kit gives you all of the supplies you could think of to make, repair, alter or design your own jewelry. You can make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, you name it. This kit is intended for adults and comes equipped with all of the tools for the trade. 

It comes with 2 gloves, 1 needle threader, 2 tweezers, 1 thread scissor, 3 different pliers and one jump ring.

Not only this, the Ahmagen jewelry making kit has many different charms and clasps to make an array of different pieces of jewelry. 

What is even better is that it comes with a carry case to keep all of your bits and pieces stored neatly. 


  • Comes with 3 different types of pliers
  • Tweezers, scissors and threader included
  • Organizer with carry case included
  • Can be used for earrings, necklace and bracelets
  • Comes with 28 charms
  • Comes with 1362 beads
  • Comes with clasps and fasteners
  • Variety of styles and design accessories
  • Black cord wire and ribbon included
  • Perfect all in one kit for adults and beginners


  • No instruction manual


For all of the tools and findings you need to make high quality jewelry, try the Shynek Jewelry Making Kit. 

This must have jewelry making kit included 3 handy pliers, 2 tweezers, 1 elastic string, 2 rolls copper wire, 1 black waxed cord, 2 rolls of necklace chain, 6 needles, 1 caliper, 1 thread scissor, 3 needle threaders, 1830 pcs of jewelry findings and much more to help you make your own impressive jewelry. 

The superior and high quality tools include wire cutting pliers, round nose pliers and chain nose pliers all equipped with anti-slip handles for safe use.

With all of the accessories included, this jewelry making kit comes with its own storage box and carry bag to help you stay organized!

This is the perfect kit if you are thinking about making some unique and homemade jewelry to start up a business.


  • Includes magnifying glass for precision
  • 3 pliers and 1 scissor included
  • 6 needles, 2 tweezers, 2 rolls of necklace chain
  • Both gold and silver colored accessories
  • All in one supply kit
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Crystal beading string, silver wire, copper wire, waxed cord, gold plated and silver plated chain included
  • Organizer included


  • Chains are not real silver/gold
  • No charms included


For the perfect beginner kit to get you started on your jewelry making journey, try the Sabrika Adult Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit.

This has all of the pieces and accessories to begin making beautiful customized jewelry. With a 20 page beginners instruction manual included, this kit gives you all the information you need to get started. 

There are 3 types of pliers included, with side cutting pliers, flat nose pliers and round nose pliers.

This jewelry making kit has an impressive 2650 components included to help you make necklaces, earrings and bracelets with ease. 

It even includes a chinese faux silk jewelry wrap to keep all of your handmade accessories safe and sound.


  • 3 types of pliers included
  • Has instruction manual
  • 2650 components included
  • Can make necklaces, earrings and bracelets
  • Comes with jewelry kit organizer
  • Jewelry roll to store handmade jewelry
  • 1600 beads in 4 different colors
  • 8 different colors for friendship bracelets
  • Wire and cord included


  • Not high quality accessories 
  • No carry box 


If you want to exclusively make classic silver jewelry, then the PP Opount kit has you covered.

With 10 different kinds of jewelry findings, 1 brass ring, 4 different kinds of beading wires, 1 plier and 1 tweezer, this is a great little kit to get you started. 

This jewelry kit is perfect for making and repairing many different types of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms and anklets. 

With a handy organizer included, you will never mix up all of the findings and accessories for easy storage and use. 


  • Silver jewellry
  • Easy to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc
  • Perfect small starter kit
  • Organizer box included
  • Tools included 


  • Not sterling silver
  • Beads/charms purchased separately


Enter the world of jewelry making with Modda’s Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit. This kit has a premium selection of beads and colors to fit anyone’s personality.

Start creating pretty, unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces for your friends and family with this easy to use kit.

This kit comes equipped with 15 highly useful and informative video tutorials with a step-by-step guide on how to create beautiful jewelry that is personalized to you.

With many clasps, chains and beads to choose from, you can get practicing by making some jewelry for your friends.

If you are not satisfied with this small little starter kit then Modda offers a full money back guarantee to ensure that you enjoy your purchase.  


  • 3 pliers
  • Selection of beads
  • Video Tutorials included
  • Perfect for novice
  • Includes gold and silver findings
  • Different charms and wires included
  • Variety of beads
  • Comes with storage box


  • Not intended for professional use
  • Low quantity and quality
  • Not hypo-allergenic materials

Best Jewelry Making Kits For Adults Buying Guide

How to find a jewelry making kit for you

There are a few things you should consider when purchasing a jewelry making kit to ensure that you get the results that you want.

Everyone is different and you will surely pick a jewelry making kit that suits your needs, style and desires. 

Intended age

You should always check the age of your jewelry kit to see who it is intended for.

Adult jewelry kits will have more useful and complex tools to help you design your jewelry. This way you can get more polished and sophisticated results out of your work. 

Children’s jewelry making kits tend to have more safe components, with large beads and easy to use tools that are safe for children.

Jewelry style

Another thing you should think about when buying a jewelry making kit is what style of metal or materials you would like to use.

You may want to create beautiful silver jewelry for your designs, or you may want to use ribbon, waxed black cord and synthetic materials to make your jewelry, the choice is yours.

Keep in mind that some kits have gold, silver, or cord included with the kits, but others will only have one type of chain material inside. In this sense, you should think about the style and design of your jewelry before purchasing a kit to ensure that it fits your needs. 

Jewelry type

You should consider which type of jewelry you would like to make. Many people find that making friendship bracelets is easiest, however you may want to try your hand at making your own necklaces.

You should always check what type of jewelry can be made from the kit that you are interested in. 

Necklaces, friendship bracelets and rings are the easiest to make, whilst earrings take a little more practice, so you should think first about what type of jewelry you want to design.

Intended use

There are so many jewelry making kits on the market today that it can be hard to decipher which ones are best for you.

When purchasing a jewelry making kit, we recommend that you consider what you are going to use it for.

If it is just a fun crafting hobby, then you do not really need any serious tools and materials to make your jewelry. If you are thinking of making it a business, then you should invest in proper tools such as pliers and quality trinkets and pendants to make your designs classy and desirable. 

The main thing to remember when looking for the best jewelry making kit is that you get what you pay for. With expensive kits you can expect the best tools, supplies, charms and pendants for your jewelry available.

With cost efficient kits, they tend to be more for fun purposes and not intended for professional use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are needed to start making jewelry?

The best jewelry making kits will have some decent pliers included. You will need flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire pliers.

Flat nose pliers can help you open jump rings, and tidy up your crafts, whereas round nose pliers can help you make hoops, bends and clasps for your jewelry. Wire pliers can help you bend wire into shape for your designs. 

You will also need wire cutters to cut your wire to length for necklaces and bracelets ghostwriter erfahrungen. You will benefit from a variety of clasps like lobster clasps and ends for your jewelry. 

You may want to find a kit with different fastenings for necklaces, bracelets and anklets so that you can make a variety of accessories to enjoy.

It is best to have different chains and wires for making necklaces and designs ghostwriter masterarbeit. Some people will benefit from using different metals and materials that are hypoallergenic so that they do not cause any skin irritation.  

Can you buy jewelry making tools without the beads?

If you just need the right tools to start making your own jewelry, then you do not need to waste time on an expensive kit filled with beads, charms, chains and clips seminararbeit schreiben lassen. You can just purchase high quality pliers and tools to help you. 

We recommend these pliers to help you start crafting your jewelry.

This convenient pack of 3 tools will help you make beautiful jewelry in no time facharbeit schreiben lassen. This pack comes with a round nosed plier, needle nosed plier, and side cutter to help you with the fiddly parts of making your own jewelry. 

How much does it cost to make your own jewelry?

This depends completely on the type of jewelry making kit, supplies, tools and charms that you use.

The cheapest kits can range from $10-$30. Whereas the more expensive professional kits can vary from $50-$100.

Remember that you always get what you pay for, search for high quality materials for the best jewelry.

How do I sell my jewelry?

You can quite easily turn your hobby into a business by selling your jewelry online.

The most popular platforms for selling homemade crafts and jewelry are through Etsy and Not On The High Street.

Through these websites you can photograph your work to market and promote your products bachelorarbeit ghostwriter kosten, and then use your photos to sell you jewelry online. 

You could also try using E-commerce platforms such as Shopify or eBay. 

Another way to sell your jewelry is to get involved in local craft fairs and business fairs. You can set up a stall presenting your work and try to sell them directly to customers. 

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