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Best Paint for Laminate Cabinets

We love renovating our homes. Redesigning and decorating our living space can make it more personalized, cozy and give it a warming touch. 

Giving your home a fresh lick of paint can give it a whole new feel of rejuvenation and style. Painting your walls, furniture and cabinets is a great way or refurbishing or redecorating your home, and it is so easy to do yourself. 

If you are anything like us, then you love doing things for yourself.

Completing a new DIY project can give you a great sense of achievement and pride when looking at your new home.

You can turn anything bland and boring into something bold and exciting.  

Paint can bring your kitchen cabinets a whole new lease of life. You may be thinking...sure it can. But how do I paint over my laminate cabinets? Well, we have the answer for you. 

There are many different types of paint on the market to suit your needs, and your cabinets are no different. Laminate is used on many types of furniture that is a synthetic material that replicates wood.

Although it looks like wood, it can be harder to paint over than regular wood, so you will need special paint for your laminate cabinets. 

Luckily for you, we have garnered the internet for the best paint for laminate cabinets so that you do not have to.

Get back to your renovation project with ease and confidence with our best picks of paint for your cabinets!

Nuvo Titanium 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit

Finding the right products for your DIY projects can be a tiresome task, and when your renovation is time-sensitive, every second counts. That’s why we have our top pick right here for you to save you time and energy.

The best paint for laminate cabinets is the Nuvo Titanium 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit.

The Nuvo Makeover Kit is perfect for a quick and easy way to redecorate your cabinets for a professional brand new look. This paint is ideal for repainting wood, laminate, metal, painted and primed cabinets. 

With this kit, there is no need for a primer or a top coat, which will cut your renovation time in half! For an ultra soft, satin finish and easy to follow step by step instructions, you can make over your cabinets in just 1 day. 

Nuvo comes in 7 different fashionable paint colors to suit your home, so you can get started with your refurbishment. This all in one makeover kit is perfect for laminate cabinets, and will make your kitchen look like a home interior design magazine! 


The easiest and quickest way to refresh your laminate cabinets is with the Nuvo Cabinet Makeover Kit. This kit does everything it says on the box, with minimal work required to completely makeover your home.

This kit can be used on wood, metal, laminate, primed or painted cabinets to give them a fresh new design.

The Nuvo Cabinet Kit paint offers an ultra soft satin finish and professional results after just one day’s work. The paint included is a primer, color and top coat all in one for easy and quick application. 

What we love about this cabinet makeover kit is that it comes in Ultra White, Black Deco, Earl Grey and Oxford Blue, Driftwood, and other beautiful stylish colors for your home. Each shade is completely on trend and will refresh your kitchen or bathroom in no time at all.

For professional looking results with just a roller, paint and a brush, this kit is the perfect option for repainting your cabinets.

The easy clean acrylic formula can cover up to 100 square feet of cabinets, with easy to follow step by step instructions. Anyone can get starting on their renovation projects with this makeover kit. 


  • Can be used on wood, laminate, primed or painted metal cabinets and in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Includes 2 cans of cabinet paint
  • Comes with 1 roller arm, 2 roller covers and angled paint brush
  • Durable finish
  • Requires no topcoat
  • Minimal preparation
  • Do not need to remove cabinet doors


  • Only 7 colors
  • Must sand cabinets first


If you want something that will make your kitchen cabinets stand out from the rest, the Chalky Chicks Paint is for you.

With an extensive and impressive range of colors, this paint can suit anyone’s home. Chalky Chicks have shades for french, chic interiors and bold, striking home designs. 

Want help picking a color? Chalky Chicks has your back. You can call the company for a free color swatch to help you decide.

Once you have found one that will suit your home, you can get to renovating those cabinets, and this paint seals the deal. 

Chalky Chicks paint can adhere to a multitude of surfaces including laminate, hardwood, resin, glass, brick and even fabric! You can use this paint to give your whole home a new lease of life. 

One can will cover up to 150 square feet, and is ultra low VOC so is safe around kids and for indoor use. Without the need for priming or stripping, this paint is easy to apply and will give beautiful results after 1-2 coats.

This ready mixed formula is ready to go whenever you are!


  • Can order free color swatch first
  • 1 can will cover up to 150 square feet
  • Low VOC, child friendly
  • Adheres to wood, glass, resin, metal, brick and laminate
  • No primer needed
  • Ready mix formula
  • Can give a strong finish after 1-2 coats
  • Smooth application
  • Chalk based paint


  • Requires sealing or top coat afterwards
  • Sand cabinets before use


For the ultimate acrylic cabinet paint, with a professional, like-new finish, try the INSL-X Cabinet Coat paint. 

This paint comes in a satin and semi-gloss finish that promises no cracks for a durable, long lasting result. Give your cabinets a brand new look when refurbishing your home. 

This paint delivers an ultra smooth, shiny finish and with super strong adhesion to hard-to-coat surfaces, this paint is perfect for laminate cabinets. 

For a water-based paint that resists chipping, scuffing, stains, grease and water, try the INSL-X cabinet paint. With 350-450 square foot coverage per gallon can, you can restyle your whole kitchen!


  • Smooth, flawless finish
  • Perfect for laminate
  • No priming needed
  • Strong adhesion
  • Resists chipping, stains, scuffing and water
  • Can paint 350-450 square foot coverage per can
  • Water-based paint


  • Cabinets must be sanded first
  • Will need multiple coats
  • Only available in white


If you are looking for a paint that will cut your renovation time in half, then Nuvo has the perfect product for all of your desires.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint is a DIY dream that gives your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a complete makeover, without having to fuss with priming first, or a topcoat! 

This product is a water based acrylic paint that is safe and easy to use, is low on odor and VOCs. Never worry about priming, painting and top coat painting again, it can take so long and you will be too exhausted to enjoy your new cabinets!

With a little cleaning and sanding prior to using this paint, Nuvo will adhere to your kitchen cabinets with ease, and give you the beautiful designer results you have always dreamed of. 

This crisp ultra white, satin finish cabinet paint will refresh your home with a clean modern look.

Although the Nuvo cabinet paint only comes in 7 different colors, each one has stunning and stylish tones to make your home look like a page from an interior design catalog.

Make your kitchen feel brand new again with a beautiful fresh design that will turn heads.


  • Can be used on wood, laminate, metal and other surfaces
  • No priming necessary
  • No need for top coat
  • Professional results
  • Quick and easy application
  • Water-based acrylic paint
  • No odor 


  • Paint can crack easily if cabinets are not sanded properly beforehand
  • Requires multiple coats for desired look
  • Only 7 colors to choose from


If you are a little unsure of which color is best for painting your cabinets, then you do not need to worry. Heirloom Traditions have a wide range of tones and shades for your selection. 

Their extensive range of 25 different colors is sure to help you find a new, fresh look for your kitchen cabinets.

This paint can also be used on wood and laminate cabinets for  perfect coverage and a durable finish, every time.

You can even purchase Heirloom Traditions paint in a sample 8oz can or the full 32oz can if you are the type of person that wants to try before you buy!

This way you can test a few different colors if you are not sure which ones you want. 

What we love about this chalk paint is that the shades are inspired by European styles and countries for a unique and refreshing look. 

This paint has no need for primer, waxing, or sealing when it comes to your cabinets. It has impressive adhesion to laminate materials and will require little to no effort from you in order to give a great, smooth finish.


  • Built in primer, wax and top coat
  • Chalk style paint
  • Available in 25 stylish colors
  • Adheres to most surfaces
  • No need for primer
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth finish
  • Can purchase sample can first
  • No sealer required


  • Takes 30 days to cure
  • Must be used on prepped, sanded cabinets
  • Have to use extra top coat for a shiny finish

Best Paint for Laminate Cabinets Buying Guide

How to paint over laminate cabinets

Laminate has a high shine finish, and if you attempt to paint straight over it, the paint will slip off and will not adhere to the furniture. It may bubble and wipe away easily, which is not the look you are going for. 

First you must ensure that your laminate cabinets are in the best condition possible. You have to clean and scrub your cabinets before even thinking about painting them. Any grease or dirt will prevent your paint from sticking, so you should ensure it has the best chance of adhering. 

The key with painting laminate cabinets is to sand them down first. We also recommend that you use a strong primer as this will help your paint bond to your laminate cabinets.

Once you have coated with primer, you can start painting. Use a roller for the face of your cabinet doors and a paintbrush for the edges and tricky spots.

It would be easier if you remove handles and pulls for the paint job and reattach them later to save getting any paint on them. You have to do a few coats to really get a strong paint color, and most paints will require a top coat to seal it. 

How to find the best paint for laminate cabinets

The best paints for laminate cabinets will need to have strong adhesion. As previously discussed, laminate is hard to stick to, so you will need a paint that can withstand laminate surfaces. 

Try to look for paints that are specifically intended for use on laminate and that have long lasting and durable qualities. You do not want a paint that chips or cracks after a few uses. 

You should also consider whether you require a matte, satin or gloss finish to ensure whether your tastes are met. Kitchen cabinets can get dirty, greasy and grimy, so you will need a paint that can be wiped clean without coming straight off. 

Although many new paints promise that they do not need primers or topcoats, we recommend that you prepare your surface properly before using any paint. This way you can ensure that it will stay in place and not chip away right after you have finished your coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint over laminate?

Yes, you can paint over laminate. You can sand, paint, and prime laminate just as if it was wood. As with any paint job, the key is in the preparation. With proper sanding or priming, you can ensure that your paint sticks to the surface and stays in place for long periods of time.

We recommend that you use a great primer to ensure that your paint will stick to your cabinets. The INSL-X Bonding Primer is a great choice to help you with your laminate decorating. 

Can you paint laminate cabinets without sanding?

The short answer is yes, you can! As long as you use a good primer, you should be good to go. We recommend that you allow your primer to dry, possibly overnight before painting. 

If you simply cannot wait for a kitchen refresh, then try the Nuvo 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit.

This kit is suitable for wood, laminate, primed or painted kitchen cabinets and is an all in one answer to your prayers, with minimal effort and preparation. 

How do you tell if your cabinets are laminate?

Laminate cabinets are different to real wood cabinets. Real wood will have a drastically different surface texture with varying grains and patterns. Laminate on the other hand has a plastic feel to it, and is hard and almost glassy in texture.  

Laminate is a replication of wood, and thus the patterns are designed and unreal. Sometimes these patterns are repeated and not genuine. Real wood will have different patterns and grains within the surface, and no two pieces of wood are ever the same.

Laminate can also have sharp corners, whereas wooden cabinets can have more rounded edges.

Can you use water based paint on laminate?

As laminate cabinets can have a smooth surface texture, it is very hard for paint to bond with it.

You can use water-based paints as long as you have used a good primer beforehand.

However, we would recommend latex or acrylic paint for laminate projects as it is much more long lasting and durable.

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