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How To Make A Daisy Chain Flower Crown - Totally Green Crafts

How To Make A Daisy Chain Flower Crown

Two of the most perfect accessories for transforming you into an ethereal nature fairy are daisy chains and flower crowns.

What about if we combined the two?! How perfect would that be?

A daisy chain flower crown is perfect for anyone who absolutely adores nature, to the point that they want to be adorned in all things natural.

Follow our guide below to see how you can turn yourself into king or queen of the flower fairies in no time…. 

Of course, we cannot actually guarantee this, but what we can guarantee is that you will look adorable with your daisy chain flower crown adorning your head. 


Step 1 - Pick your flowers!

The most important material you need for this craft is, of course, flowers! Lots of them at that! This article specifically focuses on daisy chains, however, you can definitely choose whatever flowers you wish! 

Gather up your flowers, whether from your own garden, or a wildflower field. They can be as big or small as you wish, and can be any color you would like! Ensure you know what the flower is before you go ahead and pick it - we don’t want you picking a poisonous flower! 

Luckily, daisies are safe to pick so you grab as many of them as you’d like! When you are picking them, be super gentle so that you do not pluck any of the petals accidentally. 

Try and pick the longest stemmed flowers you can find too, and always ask permission before picking them from the garden.

Step 2 - Decide what type of flower crown you want

There are a number of different flower crown styles to choose from, so this step is all about doing a little bit of research and seeing what style you like best.

You could opt for the classic split stem daisy chain flower crown which involves physically splitting each stem and threading through each flower into the next until you have made it big enough.

You could also try a braided style, which involves braiding your daisies (or any other flower you wish) like you would with your hair. The last method is weaving the flowers.

A woven daisy chain is probably the most durable, making it perfect for a flower crown, although it is a little tougher to master and get right.

Step 3 - Start creating!

This next step is all about actually doing each of the methods listed above. We want to discuss each of them separately, so they all have their own little subheading so you can find the method you are using easily. 

Split stem -  the split stem method is the first method we want to talk about. We think this one is by far the easiest on the list. However, it may not make as durable a daisy chain flower crown as the next two methods. This method is probably the one that most people are familiar with.

All you have to do is make a small split in the stems of your daisies (or any other flower you want to use) with your fingernail. The split (or slit if you want to call it that) should be going down lengthways.

When the split has been made, it should look like a teeny tiny space that another stem can fit through. Thread another daisy through there, creating a chain effect.

Keep doing this until it has reached your desired length for yours or your recipient’s head. To create the circle, simply put a second split into the first flower you started with and joined the last daisy onto that! ...and just like that, you have a daisy chain flower crown!

Braided method - the next method we want to tell you about is the braided method. This is a little harder to master than the last one, but the daisy chain does end up being a little more durable.

All you have to do is take three daisies (or any other flower) and create a braid, passing each side piece over the middle piece until it starts to look like a plait. When it starts to get further down the braid you can add in more flowers until it has reached your desired length.

For this method, we always recommend using flowers with the longest stems you can possibly find. Luckily, daisies, especially those in the wild, tend to have super long stems!

When it has reached the desired length, simply tuck the end into the start to create your crown! Remember, the crown will be super delicate so be gentle with it!

Woven method -  the last method we want to talk about is the trickiest one on the list hausarbeit schreiben lassen. However, it is absolutely beautiful so it is well worth the extra effort to get it right. It also results in a very strong, durable daisy chain flower crown! 

All you have to do is wrap a stem around the flower of the next, and then pull each stem aside facharbeit schreiben lassen. Once you have done this you can add in the next flower, wrapping that stem around the previous two. 

Then you should pull all three of them together to one side and repeat. 

When you have reached your desired length through this method, simply wrap the final flower around the very first flower you started with hausarbeit schreiben lassen. This will then form a circle that you can wear as your crown! 

Step 4 - The final step is…. WEAR IT!

Once you have completed all of the previous steps and followed your chosen method exactly, you will now have a beautiful daisy chain flower crown, or indeed, whatever flower you have chosen to use Ghostwriter Schweiz! This can now be worn in your hair.

If you wish, you can secure it in place with some hair clips. It looks beautiful to wear on a summer picnic, to a fancy dress party as a flower fairy, or even to a wedding, as a guest, bridesmaid, or even a bride!

Sadly, the daisy chain flower crown cannot last forever, as eventually, flowers do perish. However, you could also make the flower crown with dried out daisies to have it last longer ghostwriter jura! We think dried daisies have a beautiful rustic charm!

Enjoy looking like a flower fairy queen...or king!

Final word 

We are sure that you now feel like an absolute excerpt in crafting a daisy chain flower crown.

It is truly one of the most beautiful gifts that nature has given us!  

Daisies represent playfulness, love, and summer, so we are sure that you will feel all these things when crafting your daisy chain flower crown, and of course, when you wear it!

Remember, be super careful when handling your daisies whilst crafting it as they are very delicate.

You should also handle the finished crown gently, too! Happy crafting, nature lovers.

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